Melody is 9 Months Old!

Little Melody is nine months old and counting!


Our little girl is gaining strength. We were spending about 9-10 hours a day feeding her.  She just made a nice advancement in that arena and has become more efficient.  It still takes a bit of time to feed her, but we are thankful for this turn of events!

Melody’s lack of neck strength has been one of her more pronounced weaknesses.  She is making extensive progress in this area.  She likes her exercise ball and is happy to lift her little head when she is on there.

Melody’s newly acquired neck strength has been a conduit for some exceptional progress in other areas.  In the past Melody rolled over but her “form” wasn’t great.  Now she is a pro.  When she is on her tummy and we place her little hands under her, she lifts her head and then rolls.  She can do it repeatedly and seems quite pleased with herself, as she usually finalizes her roll with a big happy smile.  She is so delighted with her new skill that when I put her on her crawling track the other day she decided to try rolling over instead of scooting forward.  She was not pleased with the results, as the side wall stopped her from getting where she was trying to go. 😀

We are thankful for Melody’s ever increasing strength!


Melody is reading her favorite book.  She loves Hello Bugs!  I think she is studying up on bugs so she become quite the conversationalist with her brother some day.  If it looks like she is actually engaging with her book, it is because she is!  She is becoming much more “connected” with what is going on around her.


Big brother time!


Melody smiling at her sweet sister. She does a lot more smiling these days! And so do we, now that we are not spending 9-10 hours a day feeding her. 😀


Melody lifting her head: This was a tough picture to capture because she kept wanting to roll. 😀


Melody in her highchair


Such pretty eyes!


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