Melody is 4 Months Old!

DSC_8595 - Version 2Little Miss Melody is 4 months old!
She has on baby doll sunglasses in this picture.  I am pleased to say that she is growing out of them, as she has been growing rapidly lately.  Not only is she growing out of baby doll sunglasses, she is growing out of doll clothes, premie clothes, and even some of her newborn clothes.  Believe it or not, “Big M”, as her daddy calls her, weighed in at 8 lbs, 12 oz. this morning!  Our friends are letting us use their baby scale for Melody so we can keep track of her weight.  Just for a little perspective on Melody’s size, when she first came home from the hospital her daddy weighed her in a tupperware on a little food scale.  Her tupperware days are over!  Melody has gained close to 4 lbs since she came home from the hospital just over 3 months ago.
Melody is officially smiling real smiles now!  You can only imagine what that does for this mother’s heart.  It brings us all tremendous joy!

God has certainly been blessing Melody beyond all our expectations!





Melody’s life of leisure

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