Melody is in Motion in Multiple Ways…

Click on the minute video above to see Melody’s walking!

Although Melody has some limits in her ability to get herself around, her repertoire of transportation has expanded in the last few months.

Melody got a fancy little wheelchair in the last year that was tailored for her. I have to admit that it was a bit of a surrender to get Melody a wheelchair. I was holding out for her to be able to walk instead. However, I am happy now that she has a means by which she can move herself around independently, particularly when she is at church. It turns out that it has not been a hindrance to her progress in crawling or walking at all, as she has made exceptional progress in those areas.

Amazingly, being the sharp little girl that she is, she instantly knew how to push herself in it. We did not have to teach her. In short order, she even figured out how to turn without anyone telling her how to do that. Her arms are small but mighty, and she exhibits incredible strength in wheeling herself around.

This has been a conduit by which Melody’s social life has expanded. Prior to having her wheelchair, Melody was dependent on us to carry her wherever she went, so we did not know her preferences. Once she acquired a wheelchair, we learned that her preference is to be with people! She is quite the social girl.

She loves everyone at church, but has a special place in her heart for her pastor who has always been there for her in all of life’s trials. Our pastor recently moved to another state.😢 Prior to Pastor’s move, Melody would wheel herself over to him almost every Sunday (sometimes even before the service was over 😉), thereby communicating how much she loves him. He would get down at her level, look her in the eyes, use her name, (all profoundly important for someone in a wheelchair), and he would sing to her. She LOVED that!

With her wheelchair, she has made many new friends of all ages…

We met this gentleman a few months ago. He was so kind to offer to push Melody in her wheelchair any time he saw her. She really enjoyed that!

She has also been able to engage with old friends in a new way. 

When Melody first showed up in her wheelchair at church, several children gathered around and wanted to know if they could push her. It was a great honor to be able to escort the little treasured one.

Her best friend Nellie learned quickly that pushing Melody every week at church was one of her favorite things to do. Nellie (the one in the hat) does speak, but has some limitations in that arena. The two of them have the sweetest friendship. They have a tacit understanding that they love each other deeply. No words are necessary.

Melody is crawling back and forth on her mats about 20 times a day. We think she crawls anywhere from 50-100 yards a day (think a football field). That may not seem significant, but army crawling requires an enormous amount of strength and determination, as those in the military can attest.

Melody is not lacking in determination. She has been walking consistently for several months now with the help of a walker, and her advances in this area are remarkable. (See video above.)

When her exceptional physical therapist first started working with her on walking, she was utterly amazed at how quickly Melody took to this form of transportation. She has the pattern of walking in her brain, the motivation, the determination, and the stamina. She just needs a little balance.

Melody does not fatigue. It is really quite extraordinary. When she was younger she would be exhausted if she had two therapies in one day. By her second therapy she would smoosh her face into the ground and pretend to be sleeping.😂 That is not the case any more. She could be in motion all day if given the opportunity.  We recently moved to lower altitude, which has been amazing for Melody. She is like a professional athlete who has been training in high altitude and is now unstoppable.

The other day her siblings took her for a walk down the driveway.

She headed toward the mailbox.

Believe it or not, she made it to her destination! The greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory!

For those of you who are fans of her pink Porsche, don’t worry… That is still one way for the little princess to get around.😊

We are thankful for Melody and the ways she has enriched our lives and for all of you who continue to follow her story.

For who is God, except the Lord?
And who is a rock, except our God? It is God who arms me with strength,
And makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer,
And sets me on my high places. -Psalm 18:31-33

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    1. God is writing an amazing story through your precious family! I miss all of you and am always encouraged by your godly example of a family working together to bless each other, serve one another and reach out to a world around you to introduce them to Jesus as you love them to Him! That door was wide open and inviting even before God brought Melody into your family; and she has only enhanced that ministry! God richly bless you all in 2022 as you represent Him as ambassadors in your new state as well as other places He leads you!
      Praying for you, my friends! Proverbs 20:7

  1. Look at your beautiful family.
    Joe is the one who I can’t get over –
    Remember him coming into the Chiro office
    in his infant chair. All soo grown up!
    Melody we are SOO proud of you – doing things well beyond our imaginations.
    God is soo good!
    Happy New Year and many more blessings

  2. Astonishing!!! Truly astonishing to see the progress and accomplishments of this little girl!!

    Your family is such a testimony of hard work and determination empowered by the Love of God!!

    May your joy be full in your new home!!

  3. What a joy to read the update of dear Melodia! Blessings on all of you. What a journey. God is so amazing and I find inspiration in all of your whole-hearted devotion to God and His life. Love to you,

    1. Melody you are a marvel! You also are famous! Your name was in the Live Action news blog a week ago! I’m sad you have moved far away but so happy for your new adventures. I can’t believe in a month you will be 9?!!! Right?! I hope I have your age correct! God is so good!

  4. Happy New Year! So great to get an update. I do wonder if you got our card at your new address? Blessings in your new home!❤️

  5. Oh Jenn, What a joy to see and read of Melody’s progress. Also reading all the other ‘replies’ have to agree with each one! All such a beautiful testimony, beyond anything you could have hoped or imagined, truly we serve an amazing God!

    May His joy continue to abound with in the Thenhaus family in 2022!! (do I have your new physical address? 😉 )

    Much love & prayers,
    Anne Marie & Gary

  6. Melody breaks another record! Who would believe that tiny body would be so strong and never give up – except everyone who has followed her blog.

    Keep dazzling us with your accomplishments, Melody!!!

  7. God has done amazing things and we are filled with joy. Thanks for the update on Melody. She is beautiful, persistent, and filled with so much love for people‼️

    We love your family so much and miss you. Blessings for a wonderful new year.
    Judy & Herb

  8. What a wonderful surprise in my email! The last year for me has been very challenging in many ways but I’m getting back in my feet. And I was just thinking about her the other day! What fine progress she has made! Wow, you go girl! Thanks so much for the updates. It really made my day! ❤️

  9. It was so sweet to see your update Jenn and family! So encouraging! Happy New Year!
    I didn’t realize you moved – where to?

  10. Such a precious story. So glad you’re out in the open air where God’s beauty is in your backyard where Melody can just walk and walk……

  11. Dear Family,
    What a beautiful way to begin the New Year!! Melody, we are so very proud of all the accomplishments you have made since we saw you last in September of 2020. We can’t believe that after all these years of living in different states and seeing you once a year, that we will soon be living in the same state and living only 10-20 minutes apart. Our God is an unstoppable God and HE is orchestrating this incredible opportunity for us all to be living in one community. We can hardly wait to become an integral part of your daily routine and not just infrequent visitors. God has blessed all of us above and beyond what any of us could ever think or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20).
    Love, Oma & Opa

  12. Thank you for continuing to provide updates on Melody’s progress. It is so exciting to see her walking around with her walking device. Your sweet family is such a powerful, living testimony to God’s love and an encouragement to all of us. We love you, Cousins Jeff, Beth, Ethan and Andrew.

  13. Thank you so much for the update of Melody. So good to see her walking with a walker and enjoying friends. Definitely a blessing to her family and all who know her
    Have a Happy New Year
    God Bless you All
    Linda Dorough

  14. How wonderful to see the continued progress and achievements of your amazing Melody! Wishing Gods continued blessings on your whole family.

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