The Road to Recovery in a New Set of Wheels (Video)

When Melody turned five, some relatives gave her money for a pink Porsche.

It was definitely a nice addition to her 250-person birthday bash.😊

A couple of years later we took an outstanding Doman training to learn how to help her with her development. We were trying to figure out ways to motivate her to crawl more, which is extraordinary for her brain. We told her ONE time that if she crawls to her car, she gets a ride through the house. She has crawled countless yards for that car since then. It is just one example of how much she understands!

Melody has been healthy for two and a half years now, but at the end of May, she got extremely sick. She was lethargic and had high fevers.

In the midst of it, we had times of worshipping the Lord in song as we gathered around her lifeless little body, putting our eyes on Him and not our circumstances. This helped me to gain a heart of surrender.

We were steadfast in our efforts to keep her hydrated, syringing liquid into her for hours on end. That worked for four days.

She could not keep anything down on day five, and we had to take her for an overnight stay in the hospital to receive hydration. We are thankful that she has not been to a hospital for sickness since 2016.

In the midst of that she got a UTI that persisted for a long time. We normally keep those at bay with D-Mannose, the potent component of cranberry, mixed in her food. Since she was not eating during her sickness, we did not think about the D-Mannose. It was a tough few weeks and utterly heartbreaking to see her so weak and vulnerable. 

We had put her car out in the garage for a while after we moved. When Melody started to turn a corner with her sickness, we pulled out her car just to see if that would spark a little life in her. Sure enough, she took one look at it and crawled off with great delight. Her brother gave her a ride for quite a distance. When he tried to take her out of the car, she gripped the steering wheel with all her little might. Apparently, she had missed her car.😊 When Melody wants something, she never expresses anger or frustration. She just has a quiet, endearing determination.

Thankfully, with the help of a naturopathic doctor, she has not only fully recovered from her sickness, but her health is better than ever. We are so thankful for God’s wisdom and direction on this. She is making some incredible progress with her tummy, her brain, and several other things. She really is doing amazingly well!

On a sad note, we have had to put her Porsche to rest.😢 I know you Porsche fans might be a little downhearted about this. It was having some mechanical problems. Her brother made a valiant effort to fix it, but there were too many challenges. In addition to that, Melody has gotten too tall for it.

The good news is that her grandparents gave her money for a new Mercedes. (See the cute video at the end of this post.) Needless to say, she loves it! The day it arrived, we let her take a nice long drive outside. When her sister tried to pull her out of the car after the walk, she held on tight to the steering wheel. Do you blame her?😉 Who wouldn’t want to drive around in a fancy new car? 

I think we can all agree that Melody is perfectly human.🥰 She certainly has challenges most others do not have, but they make her no less human. Tragically, babies with Trisomy 18 are labeled “incompatible with life,” a horribly dehumanizing term, which often leads to lethal consequences for these little ones.

The only difference between Melody and her little Trisomy friends in the womb is time and nutrition. It is a common practice to take the life of these little ones by cruel means. The alternative is to let them live out the natural course of their lives. Although they might only be here for a brief time, we can choose to honor them with unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion regardless of their vulnerabilities. We can have the opportunity to hold them, cuddle them, and kiss them while they are here, just like we would any other baby.

If you know anyone who receives a positive screening test for Trisomy 18, please share this tab on Melody’s website with them. With a positive screening test comes anything but hope, encouragement, or words of life. This link is a practical way to help heart-broken parents navigate through the news that their baby might have Trisomy 18.

James 1:16-17 Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

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  1. I am so glad to see Melody cruising again in her new snazzy pink Benz. Sorry she was so sick in the spring, but she is so resilient. What an amazing story of a life she is living. Such a gift. I was actually talking about her the other day and sharing how she and you impacted me and my understanding of trisomy 18. I will always be grateful for that moment in time. With best wishes.

  2. What a continual blessing sweet Melody brings, along with her family. Showing us all what faithful prayer, perseverance, hope, loving care and trust in our Creator God. Truly everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made to fulfill His purpose for our life. Melody’s life is doing just that! Thankful she has regained health and once again cruising her ‘hood’ ❤️

  3. Ohhh my sweet Lil Angel face… sooo happy your doing better WOW your quite some driver sweetie love seeing you so happy driving your pink car I love you Melody… God gave you the Best parents and siblings … loving ..compassionate ..devoted caring loved ones anyone could ask for what a blessing that they all love n serve the Lord …. You sure are blessed sweetheart we love you immensely Angel Face Wayne n Dana ❤️

  4. Melody,
    The old saying that “Diamonds are a girls best friend” can now be updated to a new one: “PINK Porsches or PINK Mercedes are the key to Melody’s heart.” What a JOY is has been to see you several days a week dear granddaughter and your loving family too, now that we all live in the same state. What a true blessing from God. The next time we have a race dear Melody, it will not be to the tower – – – but to the Mercedes . . . :). On your mark. Get set. GO!!! See you on the race track soon!
    Love, Oma and Opa (He just likes to watch us race.)

  5. John and Jean we are so thrilled for you to be near your beloved family. What a joy it was to see this wonderful video and pictures. Wishing you all continued blessings together. That’s quite a race track you have Melody!

  6. What a beautiful testimony of God‘s faithfulness to Melody once again! We remember the day she got that Porsche and all how happy she was! So thankful it was replaced with a bigger size and even a brighter pink, what a delight. Melody is truly a gift from the Lord and we are so thankful for her life. Whenever we sing the song “ in My Heart There Rings a Melody“ We are reminded of God’s goodness through melodies life. Love and miss all of you!

  7. What an encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness to your family and to all of us who have the privilege of knowing Melody! God is good! We miss you back here in Colorado.

  8. I am so excited to have Melody for my new neighbor! She and I will get along perfectly especially since pink is my favorite color! What a gift and blessing she is straight from heaven……what a little Angel!!!❤️

  9. Melody, your new car is AMAZING! Jen, thank you for sharing: “In the midst of it, we had times of worshipping the Lord in song as we gathered around her lifeless little body, putting our eyes on Him & not our circumstances. This helped me to gain a heart of surrender.” What an encouragement that was to us! The Lord bless you all!

    The Hardens

  10. It moves me to tears to see the dignity you extend to Melody!!! Your family is shining brightly with God’s love in this dark world. Cheering you on!!

  11. Your family’s enormous love and care for her is evident. Your heart of surrender during her illness was inspiring. I’m grateful to God she is healthier than ever. She’s a beauty, that’s for sure. I LOVE that she loves her Mercedes.

  12. We are so thankful she is better!! Praise God! May He receive all the glory for her beautiful life !!!
    I love the pink car!! You look great in it, Melody. ❤️

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